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Friday, May 21, 2010

Dear Mr. Kingsley

Dear Mister Kingsley,

I admire you so very much. Thank you for the powerful yet quiet example you are to me on so many occasions. I appreciate the moments when you point out the humor of my often stressful situations. I love your laugh, and how contagious it is. I can never hear your laugh without finding my own lips twitch into a smile. Thank you so much for pointing out the beauty that surrounds me each day, whether it's the sunrise, the birds singing in the trees, colorful flowers, or our own children laughing.
  You make my life beautiful. 

Thank you for telling me I'm beautiful. It means so much to me that you profess to prefer me in comfortable clothing, without makeup on, and without styled hair. I appreciate the fact that you love my own natural beauty, not cosmetics. I appreciate your enthusiasm and even welcoming anticipation of my quickly spreading grey hair. Your love and frequent sincere compliments every moment of each day has created within me a wonderful confidence. I no longer care what the world defines as its passing trend of beauty. I know am a beautiful creation and that you will always love me deeply.

Thank you for supporting my ever-changing interests and hobbies. Your enthusiasm for my creations far outstrips my own, and it is contagious. I love how your excitement motivates me to create something beautiful. Thank you for encouraging me to develop new talents and helping me not be too critical of myself as I learn new things.
  All that I have become in the past 8 years, I credit to you. You are the sincerest supporter, and my truest friend.

Thank you ever so much for your spiritual strength. I am so often awed with your knowledge of the scriptures or your wise insights when I seek your opinion. This is such a blessing to our home, and I thank you so very much for being a righteous example to me.

Thank you for being the shoulder I can cry on, and for not EVER being impatient with my tears of frustration or despair (even when I cry for hours). You are my emotional rock when I feel overwhelmed with the demands of motherhood or the world. When I am upset or depressed, your strong arms and consoling kiss on my forehead are my only desire. You fix everything, whether it's broken hopes or broken appliances. 

You are my only love, my soul's eternal companion.
I am so very thankful to have you by my side as we face life together.
  I do not fear anything, for I know that I can overcome anything with you by my side.
I love you more than feeble words can say. It's been a long week with you working late every night, and I can't wait to have you to myself for the weekend. 
I adore you.


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Shells said...

What a sweet post!