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Monday, July 27, 2009

Miracles have not ceased

In the middle of the night, Matthew's panic-stricken voice rent the air. "MOMMY! MOMMY!" Leaping out of bed and brushing away mental cobwebs of sleep, I ran through the dark house to his room. He was sobbing and clambered into my arms, crying for comfort. He was gasping loudly for air and shaking. I thought at first it was a night terror, the occasional midnight episodes that have plagued this boy for years. He coughed the sharp barking sounds of a croupy cough and I noticed his loud wheezing with each breath. I realized he was sick and needed medicine.

Wrapping my arms around his shaking frame, I carried him downstairs to the kitchen so I could minister soothing medicine. When I turned on the light, I noticed his lips were tinted blue, revealing a dangerous lack of oxygen in his blood. His breathing was extremely labored and he was gasping for air, and I felt myself suddenly wide awake, starring at a medical emergency. My son couldn't breathe! I tried to look in his throat to access the problem, but my attempt only prompted the words, "Mommy help me! I feel like I'll die! Help! Please help!!" The realization of his words sent a cold fear through my body.

The depth of his situation fully upon me, I frantically searched through my bottles of medicine, searching for something--anything-- to ease his suffering. I didn't know what medicine to give him! Was it an allergic reaction or mucus or something else? How could I guess what medicines would sooth him? Should I call an ambulance? Would an ambulance even arrive before it was too late? Was my son battling for his life before my eyes? My heart wrenched at the thought!

I needed to act now, but was unsure of what exactly his ailment was. I felt a searing panic and helplessness before hearing the answer clearly whispered in my heart: "God knows all things, and He knows your situation. Turn to Him now in your need. Go quickly!"

Scooping Matthew's tormented body into my arms, I raced upstairs as quickly as I could. I burst into my room with my precious cargo, saying loudly, "Nathan! Matthew needs a priesthood blessing NOW!" Nathan was immediately awake. Matthew's labored breathing shook his body and he was full of fear and panic while he fought for each precious breath of air. Nathan's hands quickly were placed firmly on Matthew's head and a powerful blessing of comfort, healing, and peace was pronounced.

Midway through the blessing, Matthew changed. He became tranquil and relaxed, breathing slowly and steadily. Peace replaced the previous panic and fear. He relaxed in my arms and calmly listened to the rest of the prayer. Hot tears of relief and joy coursed down my cheeks as I felt him relax. My sweet child would be okay! Nathan closed the prayer and minutes later Matthew feel back asleep.

I've born my testimony many times at church of the true power of God's priesthood and the miracles I've witnessed through His power. I feel like I need to share this one here. I'm so thankful for God's gift of healing my son! I had a cabinet full of medicine, but it was no help for me tonight. I had no idea what to do to help him and ease his suffering, but the Lord knew. The severity of the situation would easily induce panic, but I felt the Spirit calm my troubled heart and bring to my mind the most potent and fast-acting medicine that would work in our emergency: the Lord's power to heal and work miracles.

I am so incredibly thankful to my husband for the priesthood power he holds and the righteous way he honors that sacred power. I am so thankful that he lives according to God's teachings, so he is worthy to call upon the power of the priesthood at any time of day or night. This gift is one I hold most precious! The peace of knowing we can call upon the priesthood in our hour of need is absolutely priceless! I am humbled to know that God loves His children enough to bless us with such power to comfort.

There are those who contend that the age of miracles ceased long ago, and I humbly- yet soundly- refute their blindness. God does work miracles today. I know he cares for us and knows each of our concerns. I know Christ lives and His power to heal is real, whether it be healing broken bodies or broken spirits. I do not doubt the reality of His power, for it's been manifested abundantly to me throughout my life. The Spirit burning in my bosom testifies to the truthfulness of Christ's gospel and His intense love for each of us. I'm so indebted to Him and I hope in all that I do, to serve Him with my might, mind, and strength!


Janelle said...

how scary thanks for sharing, we all need to be reminded from time to time that we aren't alone.

Anonymous said...

Oh poor boy! I'm so glad Nathan was there to give him a blessing and that didn't happen while he was at work, what a tender mercy! I am so glad that you are all well and your testimony is so precious thanks for sharing!

Sarah said...

Wow! I'm glad he is okay!

That brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing that.

Shelley Bowman said...

I would have totally freaked out! I'm so glad you had the inspiration to go to the priesthood for help! I totally agree with you that miracles have not ceased. I'm also so grateful for a husband who can administer the Lord's power here on earth. By the way have you ever thought of writing a book. You are so talented to paint such a picture with your words I had chills as I read this and your long day hit well very close to home! :) Well Hope all goes better!