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Friday, April 11, 2014

Glimpses of our DI prep work

Tonight is the last team meeting before the state competition- Hurray! Our little team has been very busy the past 6 weeks building backdrops and props, and training for the Instant Challenge. 

I thought my kids would get burned out in this last push before competition, but Sarah and Matthew have been actually begging me for more assignments each day. They are quite competitive and are determined to place at least in the top half of the contestants. We'll see how things go tomorrow.

Here are some little glimpses of our team meetings lately: 

Tonight is the Pin-Trading Party, and -boy!- are they excited! It's crowded and crazy, but oh-so-much-fun.

 I hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 10, 2014


A glimpse of our goatlings
This morning I enjoyed quiet solitude as I took a walk through our country neighborhood. The sun was still weak, the breeze was brisk and cold. Birds were singing to each other from various clumps of trees, filling the air with cheerful notes. The Texas wildflowers are in bloom right now, and my eyes feasted on each little clump of color. I adore the wildflowers here, it's one of my favorite things about Texas.

As I walked, I was alone with my thoughts, and my heart began a conversation with the Lord. I was filled with gratitude as I thanked Him for many of life's little blessings. It started as a natural outpouring of gratitude for the things immediately around me- the beautiful blossoms dotting my path, the enthusiastic birds serenading my walk, the variety of colors in the sky this morning, my body that was healthy enough to enjoy a brisk walk, the fresh country air that was free of pollution.

My heart felt alive as I found renewed pleasure in counting my blessings. I thanked the Lord for our healthy family. We've been blessed with unusually good  health for several months, which I really appreciate. I don't have time to be sick!

I am so thankful we have a home, and a safe place to raise our children. I'm thankful my husband is blessed with a job he enjoys. I appreciate our friendly neighborhood and the way everyone watches out for each other, and is happy to lend a helping hand. I am grateful for our extended relatives who inspire me to be a better person. I'm grateful for the kind friendships I enjoy in Texas (Oh! Last night one of these friends delivered a bouquet of gorgeous flowers as a way of wishing me a Happy Birthday and good luck at the competition this weekend- I was so touched by her thoughtfulness!).

Life is so very full of blessings, and I am so grateful to the Lord.

Today is filled with last-minute prepping for the competition. Sarah is making giant blossoms out of poster board and a shower loofah. I'm doing another hour of tournament paperwork and pulling all the costumes out of our storage closet to check for any necessary repairs or any missing accessories. Matthew is binding together a giant 3-foot-tall book backdrop. Joseph will likely watch a couple episodes of "The Magic Schoolbus" while the rest of us work. Or he'll watch and try to be helpful (which sometimes he is.....and sometimes he isn't).

Yesterday Matthew made a classic volcano science experiment with baking soda and vinegar. His set was so clever- he made the volcano and surrounding lake and forest out of construction paper. The eruption was accompanied with Matthew's sound effects. He was delighted at the red froth bubbling up. While Matthew enjoyed the eruption, Joseph found the little bottle of red dye, and decided to taste it. He had pink teeth and red lips all day.