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Monday, March 24, 2014

Sarah's Birthday Getaway to Waco

This year for Sarah's birthday (waaaay back in November) she and I enjoyed a special mother-daughter weekend getaway. It was such a special weekend! It was so nice to have so much one-on-one time together and deepen our relationship. 

Sarah was in charge of the itinerary, and she had so much fun planning everything out for us. We decided to stay overnight Friday in Waco and explore the town all day Saturday. What activities did she pick? Visits to a children's museum, art museum, college campus, Masonic  lodge, and movie theater.

She picked a nice hotel equipped with a pool and sauna. After arriving Friday night, we stopped by a local grocery store and stocked up on all sorts of treats for our night. We enjoyed the pool and jacuzzi before trying out the sauna.  

That night she requested a movie, so we rented Bride and Prejudice, which she has been dying to see for ages. She had seen the little clipson Youtube of our favorite songs (such a Balle Balle) ....but had never seen the full movie. As a true Pride and Prejudice fan (reading the unabridged book aloud with me for bedtime stories, and loving all the film versions we could find) she just had to see this Indian remake. It was delightful. We also had a great evening laughing and taking all sorts of personality tests, silly quizzes, and playing games. The evening was filled with play and giggles. And we ate way too many treats all night before crashing into bed around 1 am. 

The first stop for the morning was the Mayborn Museum, which is chock full of interesting things to learn about. Here are some glimpses of that visit: 

Later we stopped by an art collection on the Baylor campus. We really enjoyed talking about the different displays. 

On our wanderings across town, we stumbled upon a Masonic lodge and museum and she impulsively decided to check it out. Sarah was given a  private tour of the off-limits areas and we had such great conversations with our tour guide. 

To end the day, we opted for a movie at the local theater. As we stood at the entrance trying to decide which film to see, a family walked up and offered us free tickets. Some members of their group hadn't shown up and they had extra tickets looking for an owner. We were delighted with the gift and enjoyed the movie thoroughly. 

We didn't head home until the sun set, and arrived back on the farm late that night. We had such a lovely time! I'm so thankful we had this opportunity to create memories together and spend so much time together. I'm so impressed with this girl, and I learn so much from her! I feel so privileged to be her mother!

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Lisa said...

How fun! This is such a fun idea, and Sarah chose some really neat places to visit!!! What great memories! I hope I can do this with our girl someday :)